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How to recognise impotence?
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Tuesday, 23 January

How to recognise impotence?

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Every third man in Europe experiences erectile dysfunction. However, lack of erection and a decreased libido are not always symptoms of impotence. Check how to recognise impotence and when you should start treatment.

Impotence occurs in men who have been having erectile dysfunction for a long time. Continuous inability to have intercourse (for 2-3 weeks) is the first symptom of serious disorders. Although impotence is associated mainly with older people, studies show that the youngest patients are just… 18 years old. How to protect yourself against losing your masculinity?

Prevention is better than cure

Disorders leading to impotence never come all of a sudden. In the beginning phase, you can notice incomplete erections, difficulty achieving an erection or frequent lack of ejaculation. You must not ignore such symptoms – statistics show that 41% of untreated erectile dysfunction turns into impotence! If you observe deterioration of your potency, lower libido and decreased sexual performance, it is time to take care of your masculinity.

Causes of shameful illnesses

Specialists divide the causes of erectile dysfunction into two basic groups:

- physically-mediated (e.g. cardiovascular diseases)
- mentally-mediated Loss of sexual satisfaction is often caused by stress and depression. In such case, visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist can be necessary. Mentally-mediated erectile dysfunction is more and more frequent among young people – living in a constant hurry and struggling of being alpha males in bed. The fear of not satisfying a partner and feeling unfulfilled as men is paralysing and may lead to serious erectile dysfunction.

Potency problems can also be caused by poor health condition. Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes can weaken men’s sexual performance by up to 80%.

How to regain masculinity?

Impotence treatment is a process adjusted to the causes of disorders and a man’s individual predisposition. In some cases, it is necessary to use hormone therapy to balance the level of hormones. In the case of mentally-mediated erectile dysfunction, it is worth visiting a sexologist, who will conduct individual treatment and help you regain the joy off sex.

There are a lot of potency medications on the market that restore strong and long erections. Products containing ginseng and l-arginine help you effectively get rid of your disorders and regain your sexual performance.

5 methods to avoid premature ejaculation

Finishing sexual play too early can effectively discourage future sex. Having control over your own body is difficult, but there are some methods which help prolong male sexual performance in bed. How to do it?

1. Exercises

You can learn ejaculation control techniques. Suitable exercises (done individually or with your partner) can give great results, unless you forget about regularity. When you feel you are coming, back off and wait until your arousal drops. Ejaculate after a few such trials. A few days of such exercises will help you regain greater control over your erections.

2. Intercourse prolonging products

You can find a wide range of erection prolonging products in the market. Potency products cause the blood to remain longer in cavernous bodies, which makes the penis rigid for longer and delays ejaculation. Their advantages are immediate effects and great availability, which does not even require consulting a doctor.

3. Clean thoughts

Orgasm starts in your mind, therefore distracting yourself from an intimate situation can help delay a blissful climax. Men are visualisers and sometimes it is enough to avert your eyes from a sexy partner to drop your arousal. As a last resort, you can start thinking about something not connected with sex. Just be careful that it will not last too long!

4. Change your position

If you have problems with premature ejaculation, choose sex positions which help you prolong intercourse. For a time resign from positions in which the woman is an active partner, in which you do not have control over the pace. Choose classical positions, in which you do not see the entire body of your partner – fewer stimuli (also visionary ones) will allow you to prolong foreplay.

5. Kegel exercises

Contracting your pelvic floor muscles appropriately has an enormous impact on the quality of sex life. Training this part of your body regularly will allow you to have greater control over ejaculation, and even to acquire the ability to have an orgasm without ejaculation. To strengthen the Kegel muscles, try to stop the flow of urine 2-3 times during one trip to the toilet. Conscience contraction of your key muscles will enable you to take control over your penis after a few days.

A diet for perfect potency

Potency problems can be avoided even for those over 40 – you just have to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a good diet. A menu enriched with valuable microelements and vitamins will allow you to enjoy great sexual performance at any age.

Potency deterioration happens to every man. A temporary indisposition may result from stress or an inappropriate diet. Therefore, it is worth becoming aware of what products increase potency and including them in your everyday menu.

Rely on natural products

The fewer processed products in your diet, the better for your sex life. Eggs, poultry and dairy products will facilitate the spermatogenesis process and affect the quantity and quality of sperm. If you want to enjoy a strong and infallible erection, eat lean meat, cheeses, kefir and yogurt as often as possible. Green vegetables – all kinds of salads, broccoli, parsley or coriander – improve your sexual performance.

Vitamins and minerals

Omega-3 fatty acids have a beneficial impact on maintaining high sexual performance – you will find them mainly in fish, e.g. smoked mackerel, trout and herring. Your diet should also include foods rich in vitamins A, E and D – nuts, almonds, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cheese and liver. An appropriate level of valuable vitamins will allow you to achieve strong erections even over 40.

Avoid carbohydrates

A diet can both support potency and fertility, as well as significantly lower them. If you want to have high sexual performance, you should remove saturated fatty acids and so-called trans fats from your diet. They are included in fast food, sweets, chocolate bars, wafers, full-cream milk, bacon and lard. Saturated fatty acids contribute to increasing cholesterol levels and have a negative impact on the entire circulatory system. They impair the blood flow in vessels, which results in potency deterioration and weak erections.

Aphrodisiacs work miracles

There are items among food products which have been considered natural aphrodisiacs for ages. They raise blood pressure, increase sexual desire and improve libido. When planning supper it is worth remembering about spicy pepper – spicy dishes warm up, accelerate blood circulation and whet the appetite (not only for food). Natural aphrodisiacs also include seafood, especially oysters rich in zinc, which raises testosterone levels. Combined with a glass of wine, which makes you relaxed and slightly thins the blood – you will spend passionate moments without problems with erection.