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 How to avoid problems with potency? Erozon Max
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Sunday, 18 February

How to avoid problems with potency?

Scientific studies confirm that every second man over 46 years of age suffers from erectile dysfunction. The most common problems include premature ejaculation and incomplete erection. Statistics show that as many as 156 million men throughout the world complain of weak erections.

Time is the enemy of potency

Studies carried out by urologists prove that erectile dysfunction progresses with age. Barely 2% of men under the age of thirty complain of problems with erection, but as many as 42% of European men over 42 years old complain of similar difficulties. Problems maintaining an erection increase with age, and only 39% of men over fifty have a successful sex life.

Currently, doctors and specialists use the word “impotency“ less frequently, as it has negative connotations. ‘Erectile dysfunction’ is more common, yet, it still defines the same group of disorders that millions of men throughout the world suffer from.

Why does erection get weaker?

Urologists warn that 44 is the key age – potency is getting weaker at an increasingly fast rate. Sexual performance decreases, testosterone levels fall drastically, and erections get weaker. Studies carried out by scientists from Glasgow explain that decreased libido also contributes to the deterioration of sexual performance at this age. The intensity of sensations is lower and lower, which is why men derive less satisfaction from intercourse.

“Lower potency is a natural consequence of ageing, but erectile dysfunction also appears often in young men”

- explains urologist, Paul Marshall, fertility specialist at the Private Urology Clinic in Birmingham.

Penis anatomy and the mechanism of erection

From a medical point of view, erectile dysfunction progressing with age is an inevitable consequence of decreased testosterone levels in the body. The most important male hormone influencing sex drive is released in smaller and smaller quantities when men turn 44. The level of female hormone – LH – increases at the corresponding age.

An important factor is also a gradual atrophy of the smooth muscles the penis consists of. In men over 50 there begins a slow process of muscle relaxation caused by the production of natural collagen. As a result, cavernous bodies of the penis lose elasticity, which impairs the blood flow in the penis. Specialists emphasise that despite these changes, men do not have to resign from a successful sex life at any age. Alexander Crow, a sexologist known for the publication of “Erotism in the 21st Century”, talks about the struggle with elapsed time:

“Contemporary medicine offers natural methods of increasing potency, which restore sexual performance from 20 years ago. Supplements with a high content of l-arginine, which dilates blood vessels even by 82%, are appearing on the market.

Medicaments, such as Erozon Max, restore strong erections through an increased blood flow into the penis. It is worth remembering that the progress of medicine is a public good available for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their erotic life.”


Causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age

Sex life impairment is often caused by cardiovascular diseases, e.g. atherosclerosis or – more and more common in young people - hypertension. The relationship between cardiovascular diseases and erectile dysfunction is very strong. Impaired blood flow in blood vessels results in less blood in the penis, which leads to weak erections and problems with maintaining a full erection during intercourse.

The higher potency, the better sex

A natural process of ageing our bodies go through is the main, yet, not the only cause of weaker potency. Studies prove that an increasing number of men under 40 complain of erectile dysfunction. Daily stress, being in a hurry, an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise contribute to decreased sexual performance also in young men, although most of them are not even aware of the problem. Meanwhile, sexologists emphasise that weak erections have a negative impact on both partners.

How to regain masculinity?

To enjoy perfect sexual performance at any age, it is worth trusting specialists in urology and sexology. In most cases, drugs replenishing substances responsible for a full erection are enough to regain high potency even when you are over 50.


Tests conducted by British urologists with the use of the most powerful remedy for potency have proved that perfect sexual performance can be restored in just 3 weeks. As part of the studies, 100 men aged 29 – 65 years took Erozon Max for one month.

After completion of the treatment, urologists confirmed that as many as 96% of men got rid of shameful problems in two weeks. This way, they proved that maintaining high potency with the help of contemporary medicine was easier than it seemed.

BEWARE of ineffective substitutes!

Supplements of unknown origin can be dangerous for your health.
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  • Michaelwrote:


    The worst are women who grumble you’re impotent or that you must play around with somebody else and therefore things don’t work out in bed. Such partners can totally discourage you from sex… But when you have an understanding and loving woman, you can solve every problem.

  • eva9wrote:


    my husband is 42 and he already has some problems in bed… for now he’s changed his diet and we’ve been looking for some supplement, but pharmacies only have Viagra-like products. We’ve ordered erozon and I hope passion will come back to our bedroom. Cheers

  • bart_008wrote:


    I just turned 28, but I often have a problem with my fiancée not to finish too early :D

  • johnwrote:


    I’ve been taking erozon for 16 days and I must admit that first of all my erections are longer – by at least several minutes. There’s a big difference, especially that I feel more confident in bed, which gives more power ;)

  • Mary_Bwrote:


    even my sexy underwear and erotic massage don’t help my guy anymore… what should I do? :(

  • dave86wrote:


    there would be fewer problems with potency, if guys stopped behaving like shy kids and went to a specialist, described the problem and got a solution. The Middle Ages are far behind us, and in 2015 you just go to the pharmacy and that’s it

  • Victorwrote:


    for problems with potency I recommend ginseng in the highest concentration possible. You don’t have to wait too long for the effects.

  • Patrick9wrote:


    guys probably don’t realise how important hard erections are for women. The guy gets his kicks, falls asleep and thinks that’s great, and the woman is unsatisfied because she hardly felt a wilting penis inside. Unawareness? Or rather egoism

  • magdalenwrote:


    my husband is 34 and luckily has been doing great so far, but from time to time, after a stressful day, such potency products help be as high as a kite :-) I recommend

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